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Every financial year brings new targets for the generation of sales and contribution margins for the company itself, the sales management and its team.

In order to really achieve these budget targets, you need a smart strategy and a way of working out how these goals can be mastered and even exceeded – despite ongoing day-to-day business, by the respective sales employee.

However, this is only the 2nd step, as it is not enough to simply state the specifications in a meeting and “hope” that each individual sales employee will achieve his specifications without further action!

A manager, such as a corporate sales manager or sales manager, needs to have a real understanding of the ability and skill to motivate towards a goal.

His employees should identify with it and be willing with your team leader to “shoulder to shoulder” the budget targets and even to exceed them.

However, this is alien to very many salespeople, because your suggestions for “increasing sales” are usually limited to “more customer visits” or “being lucky with the customer, as the market is currently not very good …”

Management know-how

Sales & Sales Manager as a coach

Our unmistakable and very successful sales and sales manager training with accompanying implementation coaching “on the job”, can you Follow the successes closely through interim results and see immediately what results a coaching tailored to your company will achieve.

Excerpt from customer testimonials


Evelyn Weissmüller
Evelyn WeissmüllerManaging Director, WHS
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“With your dynamism and spontaneity, you set a process in motion within a very short time that catapulted our company forward. With your specialist knowledge and your ability to deal with people, you have supported us in aligning our structures in such a way that we were able to record customer growth and a high level of employee satisfaction. "
Ing. Robert Kibler
Ing. Robert KiblerManaging director, IT design
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"The decision to carry out tailor-made and, above all, accompanying team coaching with our developers on the subject of project management and efficient team communication was a very valuable step in optimizing internal process management for our customers."
Martina Redl, ppa
Martina Redl, ppaManagement, Redl Schankysteme
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“A large team of employees report to each of our managers. Thanks to your management training, our managers are now equipped with "tools" which have brought us forward significantly as a company and team through accompanying implementation coaching. "