Performance improvement on specific topics in sales

LIVE or online sales & sales coaching sessions

Strengthen the performance of your sales and distribution team on specific sales topics

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Individual or team coaching

We only train & coach what your team really needs.

Sales training tailored to your company goals and industry specifications On-site or online: with accompanying implementation coaching.

Professional and experienced salespeople don’t always need sales training lasting several days.

You would like to take up answers to specific questions or topics that you encounter in the course of your sales talks, in face-to-face meetings or in online video meetings.

Experienced salespeople know exactly what they need, optimize or want to improve and are therefore understandably reluctant to take several days of sales training on topics that they already know.

Based on our 31 years of experience in the field service “on the job”, we know that a sales team or individual salespeople only want and need precise answers and different approaches to solutions.

Strengthening and selectively improving individual topics in the sales pitch is the key to more success in sales and distribution.

Our goal:

To carry out sales training and sales coaching, which achieve visible and measurable results, continued success for every participant and result in an excellent return on investment.

About us:

FROSCHARFF was founded 31 years ago by experienced entrepreneurs, sales managers and successful salespeople from the field and works for sole proprietorships, small and medium-sized businesses and large companies at home and abroad.

Excerpt of our service REPERTOIRE: Individual or team coaching

Which topics would you like to optimize in your sales team?

Sales trainers & sales coaches with one goal:  visible and measurable successes for your team and your company.

Full schedule
for new and existing customers

Together with your sales team
we increase the number of qualified sales talks with decision makers.

finishing techniques
in the sale

The successful closing techniques, successful seller. What is behind objections and how do you deal with them.

Increase completion rates, increase incoming orders

How your sales team increases completion rates and incoming orders through well-structured and target-focused sales talks.

Active lead generation
in the field

Efficient and proven procedures,
to generate significantly more qualified leads and get referrals.

Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Increase order volume
per customer, through active and skilful
Up Selling and Cross Selling.

Follow up on offers

How to "accelerate" the decision-making process for new and existing customers without being intrusive and completing it more quickly.

Master delivery delays skillfully

How to keep orders from new and existing customers in the event of delivery difficulties and delivery delays.

Price increases or price adjustments

Communicate price adjustments smartly and emphasize the associated "benefit" for the customer accordingly.

Framework and annual agreements

Conclude lucrative framework agreements and annual contracts with new and existing customers. Win-win for both parties.

Monitoring & controlling of the sales pipeline

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your sales/sales team through successful monitoring & controlling.​

Elevator pitch: present USPs and benefits

How to get interested in a more in-depth sales talk within 60 seconds.

Skillfully master benefit-selling & story-telling

An essential success factor in the sales talk, for example to sell high-value products/services.

No matter which topics you would like to optimize in your sales and or distribution stream: we look forward to hearing from you!

Individual or team coaching

Accompanying implementation coaching "on the job": for visible & measurable results

After each training, our unique and distinctive 4-week accompanying implementation coaching takes place “on the job” to ensure that what is learned is successfully applied and implemented: with visible & measurable results!


Successfully implemented sales training & sales coaching

A sales training with a lot of insight and practical experience, which was tailored to the respective requirements of the sales force. As a result, we were able to exceed sales and deadline quotas over a long period of time - despite many challenges during this time.
Stefan Abel
Stefan Abel
Of all the sales training and sales coaching for field staff that I know of and that I have attended or made available to my employees over the course of my long career, your sales coaching with subsequent implementation coaching is the most efficient method of actually achieving success!
Othmar Köpf, ppa.
Sales manager Avenarius Agro
The sales training was precisely tailored to our company and is an absolute must-have! Problems with new customer acquisition, up-selling and cross-selling are a thing of the past. These trainers & coaches are right in the thick of it. We recommend.
Alexander Koblinger, MS
Head Sommelier Döllerer Stammhaus, Service & Quality Manager Döllerer Weinhaus
With a structured and precisely tailored sales coaching, we were able to increase our sales significantly within a few weeks. Encouraged and mutually motivated by a significantly higher order intake, significantly more efficiency was brought into the sales system!
Dr. Oliver Sauer
Managing Director Grabner Instruments
As a newcomer to the field service, it was initially difficult to acquire new customers and further expand existing customers assigned to me. Thanks to this sales coaching, I was able to make significantly more appointments and significantly increase my completion rate.
Dominik Tomic
Field sales force, STARA electrical wholesaling
Thanks to the tailor-made sales coaching, we were able to achieve our sales targets very quickly throughout Europe, both in the market launch phase of our products and in the establishment and expansion of dealer relationships. It was also remarkable for me to see how the years of experience in sales and the professionalism of the coach have helped us enormously. "
Georg Kiesenhofer, BCs
Managing Director, GK medical product advice
This sales training was terrific and we really recommend it. Our sales coach paid special attention to our individual needs and picked me up immediately with his dynamism. Through this sales coaching by FROSCHARFF in the field service, successes based on new customers and the increase in sales were quickly visible. Many thanks for everything!
Tanja Wörle
Field sales force, Weinhaus Döllerer
Very professional, refreshing and implementation-oriented management training and sales coaching. The trainers and coaches from FROSCHARFF are very practice-oriented, respond intensively to questions from the participants and also provide on-the-job support at any time. Thanks a lot for this!
DI Erwin Hauser
Dipl. Ing. Erwin Hauser, BSc
Head of Drive Technology, TAT

your advantages

Together towards the goal

Immediately visible and measurable successes

through our unmistakable and proven success model to achieve visible and measurable success for your team and your company.

Fast return on investment (ROI)

through accompanying implementation coaching “on the job” and the active participation of our team in order to achieve the common goals.

Experts in sales training & coaching for 31 years

In Austria we are now considered to be the pioneers and experts in sales and distribution coaching with accompanying implementation “on the job”.

Well-known sales trainers are among our customers

Successful sales and management trainers in the DACH region are among our customers and work together with us on various projects in a respectful partnership.

Further successes even after training

Even after the training / coaching, we will take care of your team for a further 6 months free of charge and without obligation on all issues relating to what has been learned and measures that have been worked out for specific industries.

keynote speakers

Keynote speakers for trainers, coaches and consultants in the DACH region.

Languages: D, E, F

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