Sales and sales manager as trainer and coach

Sales and DISTRIBUTION manager as trainer and coach

Increase the performance of your sales and distribution team as an in-house trainer & coach

Goals and visions

Strengthening the efficiency and productivity of the sales and distribution team through internal training and coaching

Increase the performance of your entire sales / distribution team by leading each individual employee to success.

From the sales strategy to efficient and successful leadership as a sales / distribution manager, with visible and measurable results.

Receive your training from sales and management trainers & coaches who have built up their own companies and have proven to be successful, as well as coaching well-known sales and management trainers.

FROSCHARFF works for sole proprietorship, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.

Learn from experienced professionals from the field

Training with accompanying implementation coaching "on the job"

Performance development in the team

Individual coaching of your salespeople

Actually achieve goals and targets

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