Sales and sales manager as trainer and coach

Sales and sales manager as trainer and coach

Increase the performance of your sales and distribution team as an in-house trainer & coach

Goals and visions

Strengthen the performance of each individual sales and distribution employee through internal training and coaching

The success of a sales and/or distribution manager can be seen in the individual performance improvement of each member of his team in the office and in the field.

In order to achieve this as efficiently and successfully as possible, the development of each individual employee is the “foundation” for achieving the targets together as a team.

Receive your training from sales and management trainers & coaches, who have built up their own companies and have proven to be successful, as well as coaching well-known sales and management trainers.

FROSCHARFF is for Sole proprietorship, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.

Learn from experienced professionals from the field

Training with accompanying implementation coaching "on the job"

Performance Scaling
in sales | distribution

How to achieve and even exceed goals and targets as a sales and distribution manager together with your team.

Training & Coaching

How to drive the performance, motivation, spirit and loyalty of every employee and achieve visible & measurable results.

Actually achieve goals and targets

Successfully proven KPIs (Key-Performance-Indicators), which support you in controlling the success of your team and promoting it accordingly.

your advantages

training of experts

Immediately visible and measurable successes

through our unmistakable and proven success model to achieve visible and measurable success for your team and your company.

Fast return on investment (ROI)

through accompanying implementation coaching “on the job” and the active participation of our team in order to achieve the common goals.

Experts in sales training & coaching for 31 years

In Austria we are now considered to be the pioneers and experts in sales and distribution coaching with accompanying implementation “on the job”.

Well-known sales trainers are among our customers

Successful sales and management trainers in the DACH region are among our customers and work together with us on various projects in a respectful partnership.

Further successes even after training

Even after the training / coaching, we will take care of your team for a further 6 months free of charge and without obligation on all issues relating to what has been learned and measures that have been worked out for specific industries.

keynote speakers

Keynote speakers for trainers, coaches and consultants in the DACH region.

Languages: D, E, F

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