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How to take the sales of your sales and distribution team to a whole new level

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Goals and visions

Executive training for sales and distribution managers
Monitoring & controlling of the sales pipeline

In order to achieve or even exceed the company’s targets, a smart strategy is required:

which should then be specifically implemented by the sales or distribution team at their customers.

The art in sales management, however, is to actively support each individual salesperson in achieving the individual requirements so that everyone wins. The salesperson, sales management and your company.

Monitoring and controlling of the entire sales pipeline is the be-all and end-all of sales management.

Our tailor-made sales and sales manager coaching is tailored to the needs of your company and its industry specifications together with your executives.

With visible and measurable success.

FROSCHARFF is for Sole proprietorship, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.

together with your team

Successful with your sales and distribution team

Successful sales management

How you can manage your sales or sales team more efficiently and actively coach them in order to achieve the goals you have set. Monitoring & controlling of the entire sales team.

Full schedule, increased graduation rates

How you can significantly increase the number of qualified sales appointments with new and existing customers and raise the completion rates to a completely new level through efficient sales talks.

Increased sales per employee

After just a few hours of tailor-made sales training with accompanying implementation coaching “on the job”, you can see visible and measurable successes in your team.


Customer testimonials

Dr. Oliver Sauer
Dr. Oliver SauerManaging Director, GRABNER INSTRUMENTS
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“Thanks to structured sales coaching tailored precisely to our needs, we were able to significantly increase our sales within a few weeks. Encouraged and mutually motivated by a significantly higher order intake, significantly more efficiency was brought into the sales system! "
Othmar Köpf, ppa.
Othmar Köpf, ppa.Sales management, AVENARIUS AGRO
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"Of all the sales training and sales coaching for sales representatives that I know of that I have attended or made available to my employees over the course of my long career, your sales coaching with subsequent implementation coaching is the most efficient method of actually achieving success!"
Georg Kiesenhofer, BCs
Georg Kiesenhofer, BCsManaging Director, GK medical product advice
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“Thanks to the tailor-made sales coaching, we were able to very quickly achieve our sales targets throughout Europe, both in the phase of the market launch of our products and in the establishment and expansion of dealer relationships. It was also remarkable for me to see how the years of experience in sales and the professionalism of the coach have helped us enormously. "
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