Service technicians and fitters are the often unused source of revenue in sales

Service technicians & fitters in Customer Service

Generate additional sales turnover and leads for your sales force through active sales in customer service

Goals and visions

Service technicians and fitters:
the often unused source of revenue in sales

Our sales training for service technicians and fitters leads to a visible and measurable increase in sales in customer service: as well as in new leads or projects for your distribution and sales force .

They come to places that no salesperson can normally come and learn techniques otherwise inaccessible to your sales team.

Solely through our advice and information, which is based on complete product knowledge, lucrative sales can be made immediately and additional projects generated for the field service.

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FROSCHARFF works for sole proprietorship, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.

together with your team

Visible and measurable success in customer service

Service technician in active sales

Together with your service technicians and assembly team, we will increase sales in this area to a completely new level. The often “unused” source in sales.

New projects for
the sales force

In coordination with your sales force, service technicians and fitters initiate further leads / projects for sales and thus generate further sales.

Increased sales per employee

After just a few hours of tailor-made sales training with accompanying implementation coaching “on the job”, you can see visible and measurable successes in your team.


What do our customers say

Ing. Stefan Kavalirek
Ing. Stefan KavalirekBranch manager, Thyssen Krupp Elevators
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“The way in which this coaching was carried out was very well received by our fitters / technicians and resulted in much better functioning communication and coordination between the technicians and sales staff. This is reflected in the very positive atmosphere in the team and the cooperation, which meant that we were able to greatly increase sales figures in customer service. I can only warmly recommend this coaching for technicians and fitters on the delicate subject of "sales in customer service."
Thomas Rason
Thomas RasonHead of Service Technology, Thyssen Krupp Elevators
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""I really enjoyed the coaching! I first noticed the change through the coaching in myself. You suddenly think differently about several things. In terms of interest and attention, accompanying coaching like this brings about much more than training. You are encouraged to collaborate and it's also so much fun! Thanks for the great support."

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