How to find the wire in sales and negotiation talks

Communication in sales

Increase your sales and turnover figures through trusting and long-term customer relationships


How to find create a connection or "chemistry" with potential customers

With our “Communication and Relationship Management” training course, you gain the necessary tools to assess your counterpart and learn to deal with all kinds of emotions and personalities.

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. If the connection or the “chemistry” between you and the other person is not there – even if know the best sales techniques in the world – you won’t have success.

Whether it’s a sales or a negotiation talk, if the “spark” does not jump, you will not get the deal.

FROSCHARFF works for sole proprietorship, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.


Communication - an invaluable tool for sales, distribution and management

Communication in sales / distribution

How to do build connection

Relationships strengthened through trust

Individual or team coaching

"Profiling": communication and the assessment of the other person

An invaluable tool for executives and managers in the fields of:


Customer testimonials

Claudia Hermanek
Claudia HermanekDeputy Store Manager, Fa. D. Swarovski Tourism Service GmbH
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"I had the great opportunity of taking part in a “profiling training” session. This training is simply phenomenal, uniquely structured, very varied and, above all, fun . Out trainer had an incredible dynamic, paired with highly competent specialist knowledge and the ability to deal with people. I was able to incorporate so much of it, both professionally and personally. Highly recommended!"
Viktoria Zaggl
Viktoria ZagglOperations - Head of Training & Development, Fa. D. Swarovski Tourism Service GmbH
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"The sales training „Focus Body Language“ helps our salespeople to build a good relationship with the customer on a daily basis. The customer enters the shop and is immediately looked after in his entirety, taking into account his current needs, and feels comfortable. The "what" is not as important as the "how"; the goal is authentic, reflected body language and facial expressions. This reflection of one's own body language and facial expressions was a core element in relationship management coaching. Personally, I found the training very valuable, benefited positively from this training and incorporated some aha experiences into my everyday working life! Exciting and recommendable!"

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