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Shop coaching for retail and retail

Increase sales through active sales of higher value goods and additional sales on the "area"

Goals and visions

Increase customer frequency and increase sales on the "floor"

Many salespeople do not actively approach customers about products or additional sales and behave too passively towards the customer. Because of this unused opportunity, you lose secure sales every day.

But how do you make this fact clear to an employee?

Due to our many years of experience in the “area”, we have therefore developed a special “shop coaching” which, within a very short time, significantly increases the security of active, but high-quality sales with your salespeople and increases sales visibly and measurably.

FROSCHARFF is for Sole proprietorship, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.

together with your team

Increase in sales on the "area" in retail and retail

Increase sales on the "area"

Together with your sales team, we increase the active sale of higher value goods and additional sales on the “area”. In business, online or through active customer care.

Increase customer frequency

Based on our 30 years of experience “on the ground”, we have developed a method to increase customer frequency on an immediate basis. Visible and measurable.

Increased sales per employee

After just a few hours of tailor-made sales training with accompanying implementation coaching “on the job”, you can see visible and measurable successes in your team.


Customer testimonials

Stefan Ostermann
Stefan OstermannManaging Director, Known As "Zum Eisbären"
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"With your relaxed but very professional way of leading through the sales coaching, we have succeeded in creating a new and common basis for our sales team. The regular coaching has made a significant contribution to today's positive sales development in all product ranges. "
Werner Schultes
Werner SchultesManaging Director, Hartmann Textile Care
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“During the planning work I was already convinced by the way you approach problems and work out possible solutions. What is particularly remarkable about your work is that our employees received sales tools that they could put into practice immediately. Even if one should not necessarily express everything in money, I can assure you that the decision for your company has already paid off several times ".
Mag. Jürgen Steinkogler
Mag. Jürgen SteinkoglerManaging Director, Dichtomatik
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"You have made a significant contribution to establishing important components for increasing customer satisfaction in our company. By developing practical tools and the accompanying coaching of our sales department, the sales figures were increased more than expected within a short period of time! "

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