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Cross-selling simply explained
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What does cross-selling mean: simply explained

Cross-selling is defined as an additional sale in field service, internal sales, key account management or retail .

It is carried out in sales talks on site with customers, in so-called “remote selling” (virtual sales talks), by telephone or in retail and retail trade “on the floor” (in the shop).

Cross-selling goals

The aim of so-called “cross-selling” is to offer and sell the appropriate additional product such as spare parts, accessories and supplementary services for the respective products or services of the main range (portfolio) .

What are the advantages of cross-selling?

  • More sales per order/customer
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Promotion of the other assortment
  • Increase in profit and sales
  • Strengthening and deepening of customer loyalty
  • Improved customer satisfaction and much more

Start your cross-selling strategy

  1. Work out with your sales or distribution team (in the office or in the field) which additional products or additional services match which main range and which you would like to place strategically.
    • Don’t think that “every company anyway” does that! NO! Do not do it;-)
  2. Adapt the sales pitch so that cross-selling is built in in a targeted manner.
    • Many sellers are unsure or don’t know when to incorporate cross-selling into the sales pitch and, above all, how to approach it.
  3. Never say:
    • “In addition to that, I have more”, or “Do you also need___” when making the transition from main assortment (customer or prospect has already made a specific decision here) to cross-selling! “Additionally” and “more” psychologically implies that you have STILL more money to spend. And what you probably already know: Questions to which a “No” could be answered do not lead to the desired goal.
  4. Stay “on” in your sales or sales meeting
    • Discuss successes and where there is room for improvement in order to make your company’s cross-selling strategy “flesh and blood” and expand it further.

Have fun!

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cross selling